Original Flower Collage

Flowers are the Heart, and Color is the Soul of Kat Kleinman Art. Our unique, handcrafted floral collages are made with a sense of purpose ---
to make people feel better and we think it works!

Kat searches far and wide for beautiful flowers, taking care to photograph each one to its best advantage. All photos are hand cut, and Kat often uses up to 200 individual pieces to create the perfect collage, balanced in size, color and space. This is a lengthy process, requiring lots of patience, but it is meditative as well.

The final collage, whether it is a bouquet or a flurry of blossoms scattered across the page, is sealed with a coat of clear gloss enamel. The end result is a gorgeous 3-D effect, and an original piece of art you will see nowhere else.

Kat Kleinman art is being featured at INDIEWALLS! An art consultancy connecting designers with a global community of independent artists. 

My work is included in an online gallery based in Paris, called Singulart.


Visit the Art Gallery to purchase original collage art pieces and greeting cards.

All original art on this website can be purchased directly, but if the piece you love has already been sold, we would be happy to print 5”x7” greeting cards from a digital copy, which are quite suitable for framing. The glossy card stock we use to print our cards gives them a photo-quality finish that emphasizes color with stunning results.

Have an idea for a specialty order? Send us your thoughts, such as preference of colors or flowers you’d like to emphasize, along with guidelines for presentation -- for example, a vase of a specific color or shape, or flowers strewn randomly across the page!