Original Flower Collage

Art allows me an avenue to express my hope for the world. I am a collage artist, focusing on floral compositions, because flowers symbolize my enthusiasm for using color to bring about large-scale positive changes, starting from within.

The photographs I use are my own, except for a few I have received from personal friends. They are never downloaded from a website. I take pictures of flowers everywhere I go, and being alert to the presence of a blossom initializes the intention of my work — to make people feel better, if only for a moment. I often use dozens of flowers in a single work. It is a process I find meditative, and a quality that carries over into the execution of the work.

The beauty of a floral collage represents healing, because fractions of color combine to create a new cohesive form. I am saddened by the self-centered rhetoric expressed by current influential leaders, and I am dedicated to creating art inspired by compassion, meditation and right action.