Original Flower Collage

This is my newest work, called The Happy Garden, and it's big (32x40 inches)! Lately, several people have made suggestions about little ways to change my artwork, and I have tried many of them. What I found is that, just because something is different, doesn't mean it is better. What I love to do is create very large collages, and I knew at once that this one would work!

Click on the photo for a larger view ----->

I am very excited about the upcoming release of Current Masters 4, a new book  that will go to art galleries around the world. Kat Kleinman Art is featured on two pages, and it looks great! There is big news of my next international exhibition coming soon, so I’ll see you right here for more on that. Until then, go outside and look around — it’s Spring, and it’s spectacular!


Hello friends, I have fantastic news --

Kat Kleinman Art will participate in the Shibuya Station Exhibition in Tokyo on March 5-11, 2019!

It's an incredible opportunity, since only 42 artists will be accepted from around the world. The exhibition coincides with the Tokyo Art Fair, and will attract many additional visitors to the city.

Each artist will have one work of art turned into a B1 poster, which is very large. The posters will hang in the 4th busiest train station in the world, used by 2.4 million people every day.

This is a truly special opportunity, and it is an honor to be a curated artist at the Shibuya Station Exhibition!